Field of application: Biogas plants, silage-leachate

Wastewater treatment at biogas plants

In terms of environmental and water protection, the operation of biogas power plants is more and more being subject to the attention of governmental authorities and other responsible institutions. In Germany for example, it is not allowed to drain away run-off rainwater from traffic areas of biogas plants without prior wastewater treatment. Also, there may be a need for action in case of the possible contamination of subterranean water by means of silage-leachate.

Wastewater treatment systems with fixed-beds for the growth of micro-organisms, like our DELPHIN® treatment plants, provide huge advantages for the scenarios mentioned above and are successful clarifying run-off rainwater or contaminated subterranean water already.


For background Information about the operation of a DELPHIN® compact wastewater treatment plant in order to clarify subterranean water, which was contaminated by silage-leachate, see report of NR-Kurier (Neuwied-Rhein Kurier) from 12.12.2012 (German language):

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The experts for fixed-bed technology

DELPHIN Water Systems GmbH & Co. KG in Buxtehude/Germany is one of the leading manufacturers of fully biological wastewater treatment plants with fixed-bed technology. Our business activities include the dimensioning and delivery of pre-assembled small scale WWTP, compact WWTP and WWTP in containers as well as services related to decentralized wastewater treatment, such as installation, maintenance, optimization and operation management.


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