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Construction sites

Wastewater solutions for large construction sites

During the construction of large projects in remote places, usually there is no sewerage connection available. The wastewater produced by the staff of the construcion has to be collected and transported to a communal wastewater treatment plant. Depending on the volume of wastewater produced and the distance to the nearest WWTP, this can become a major source of avoidable costs.

A mobile treatment plant can treat the produced wastewater to a standard which allows the direct discharge to nearby water bodies or the infiltration to the ground.

During restoration of existing stationary treatment plants, a mobile plant can be a quick and economic solution to temporary compensate for the plant or parts of it which can be taken out of operation for the works that have to be done.

The modular design of our mobile treatment plants is ideal to easily adapt standard modules to the demand on site even with growing demand during the course of the construction. Of course, the plant can also remain a permanent solution for the treatment after the construction has been completed.

Due to the compact design and the pre-installment during the construction in our factory, DELPHIN® container plants can be ready for action on site within hours and can be decomissioned just as quickly.

We offer to take back mobile plants that are not needed anymore or rent out standard modules.

Feel free to contact us to discuss the options for your construction site. If you are not sure, which effluent quality you have to comply, we offer a special planning service to clarify this question for you.

The primary consultation and quotation for your project is non-binding and free of charge.

Oil production and mining

Picture of an exploration site

Crew accommodations of drilling rigs for the extraction of oil or mines for the extraction of mineral resources are often remote from any infrastructure without a fixed water and electricity supply. The waste water of the accommodation has to be fed to biological treatment for hygienic reasons. Only in this way can the health and workability of the team be maintained. At the same time, the input of punctual contaminations into the natural waters is minimized and the already negative influence of raw material production on the environment is somewhat reduced.

A treatment plant for sewage in exploration projects must meet high demands on mobility and robustness for use even under extreme conditions. Furthermore, the plant must be easy to operate and maintain, so that the permanent safe operation of the plant can be ensured by the technicians present in the camp, without having to have special expertise with regard to biological wastewater treatment.

The fixed-bed method fulfills the requirements with regard to simplicity and robustness like no other and also fulfills high demands on the quality of the run. Furthermore, the fixed bed method has a sludge attack lower than e.g. The activated sludge process, which counteracts a further problem: where there is no infrastructure, as a rule also no controlled sludge removal can take place. For this reason, all DELPHIN® container sewage treatment plants can be equipped with a sludge treatment stage and with bag filter systems for sludge dewatering, whereby sludge no longer has to be disposed of by means of a suction vehicle. The dewatered sludge can be composted and / or fed to the waste disposal of the camp (in the form of incineration).

We tailor our systems according to your specific requirements and adapt the technical equipment according to your wishes. In order to meet the requirements for transport via remote runways, only in winter passable routes, or by sea and by air, our systems are installed in commercial sea containers in a transport-safe and operational manner. The plastic containers of the sewage treatment plant are optimally protected inside the containers from external influences and can also be insulated if required for arctic conditions.

The following options for adaptation to the requirements of the place of application can be offered by us as an option:

  • P elimination
  • Desinfection with chlorine
  • Filtration and disinfection for water reuse with sand filters and UV technology
  • Sludge treatment and sludge reduction by aerobic sludge stabilization
  • Sludge dewatering by means of bag filtration and flocculant dosing
  • remote monitoring / fault reporting via GSM module

Commercial zones

Wastewater solutions for commercial parks

Delphin Water Systems provides you with the help of dimensioning and selecting the right wastewater treatment plant for the domestic sewage of your commercial property. We analyze the needs based on your plans for the social rooms, office workplaces, the number of employees and your assessment of the future growth of your company. For existing commercial properties, we would be pleased to provide you with inspection visits and, if rational or necessary, propose a sampling concept that allows us to determine a solution that is optimally tailored to your needs.

Furthermore, it is possible to include in-plant processes that require process water and / or produce wastewater, provided that the characteristic of the resulting wastewater of the entire plant is similar to that of pure domestic waste water. If necessary, we propose concepts that either help to avoid waste water or make the existing waste water available for biological treatment.

Our modular solutions allow you to adapt the wastewater treatment of your plant to your growth and to retrofit it at low cost if the next stage of growth requires a higher capacity of the wastewater treatment plant. For example, simple components, such as the primary settlement, can already be planned so large that retrofitting is possible through a second biological treatment stage in parallel operation.

The fixed-bed technology used by us in all systems also offers the advantage that no biological reactor could be too large, since the biofilm automatically adapts to the available biological load and only overloads have a negative effect on the treatment performance. Furthermore, there is no danger that an initially too large planned plant will consume comparatively too much electricity, since the aeration of the plant can be adapted to the biological demand. Unlike sludge based processes, the fixed-bed process does not have to suspend the biomass either by stirrers or by air inlet, which leads to operating problems due to sludge outtake and high energy consumption, especially in generously dimensioned plants with activated sludge (for example, SBR processes).

In addition to the dimensioning of individual commercial properties, we also offer project managers a cooperation in the correct dimensioning of entire commercial parks, shopping malls and commercial areas, if it is not yet clear which commercial establishments can be introduced. Thanks to our modular systems and mobile wastewater treatment plants, the location flexibility is guaranteed and the size of the sewage treatment plants can be adapted step by step. For a sewage treatment plant specifically adapted to your business object, please call us or write us a message via our contact form.

Housing estates

Wastewater solutions for residential complexes

Smaller housing estates or small municipalities and settlements are subject to a constant change in the number of inhabitants and population composition. If such housing units cannot be connected to a large central wastewater treatment plant in which the severely fluctuating differences in wastewater composition are balanced by mixing with sewage from other settlements or districts, the decentralized sewage treatment plants must be planned anticipatorily and designed with sufficient flexibility.

Frequently, in the planning phase, optimistic population numbers are predicted, which in reality are not achieved or only after very long periods of time. The wastewater treatment plant must be capable of adapting to the pace of development and also to be able to function correctly with permanently less waste water than initially assumed. In particular, the development of domestic technology and the concomitant decline in water consumption must be taken into account, as well as the demographic distribution of families, workers and retirees, as well as, where appropriate, newly established commercial sites.

Even in the small settlements, which are characterized by strongly varying sewage conditions, the fixed bed technology with the automatically adapted biofilm plays its full advantages so that complex and maintenance-intensive measurement and control technology can be dispensed with. This results in low costs for operation and maintenance. Therefore, decentralized fixed-bed plants can score points with low wastewater treatment fees and, in terms of treatment performance and stability, are not inferior to those of large municipal sewage treatment plants.

Our systems can be supplied either for newly planned settlements and residential parks as complete factory-prefabricated plant in plastic tanks and ISO containers or as retrofitting systems for installation in already existing concrete basins from small sewage treatment plants. Of course, new decentralized sewage treatment plants in concrete construction can also be partially or completely equipped with our process technology.

Please contact us and ask about the possibilities we can offer to you as a complete provider of small sewage treatment plants in plastic or concrete tanks, including ingenious consultation and planning. The delivery, installation and commissioning of our system is carried out either directly by our engineers and technicians or by our national and international dealers.

In principle, we also offer manufacturer support for all our plants and train external staff on our process technology, so that the permanent function of our plants is maintained even beyond the warranty period. Only trained operators can recognize changes in the inflow to the plant and initiate the right countermeasures in cooperation with us as manufacturer. Operating faults can be noticed in a timely manner by means of remote monitoring so that a small sewage treatment plant does not have to be permanently monitored by local personnel. The information sent to us or our trained specialist partners via GSM network or by means of an Internet connection enables direct action to be taken and the appropriate spare parts taken from our component warehouse to the plant so that the storage on the plant itself is reduced to a minimum.

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Kilkenny, Ireland: Housing estate (DELPHIN combi 80).
Mexico-City: School (DELPHIN combi 120 + CleanKit 4)
Suzhou, China: Rural housing estate, 480 PE (DELPHIN combi 480)
Neuwied, Germany: Average with silage, 500 PE (DELPHIN combi 320 + DELPHIN combi HBSt)
Neuwied, Germany: Average with silage, 500 PE (DELPHIN combi 320 + DELPHIN combi HBSt)
Mayotte/D.O.M., France: Military base, 480 PE (DELPHIN combi 480)
Kilkenny, Ireland: Housing estate (DELPHIN combi 80).
Mexico-City: School (DELPHIN combi 120 + CleanKit 4)
Suzhou, China: Rural housing estate, 480 PE (DELPHIN combi 480)
Interconnection of containerized treatment plant devices with fast coupling system.
Treatment plant for sanitary facilities of an oil refinery (DELPHIN container XXL DIS 1 + 2).
Loading of a treatment plant device DELPHIN container ST20.
Oil drilling camp site in Russia (DELPHIN container L).
Oil drilling camp site in Russia (DELPHIN container L).
Worker camp in Kenya (DELPHIN container PT20 + BF20 SC + ST20).
Supermarket distribution center in Romania (DELPHIN container PT20 PS + 2 x BF20 SC + ST20).
Supermarket distribution center in Romania (DELPHIN container PT20 PS + 2 x BF20 SC + ST20).
Micro-brewery in United Kingdom (DELPHIN container BF20 SC + ST20).


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