Field of application: Wastewater recycling for irrigation purposes

Recycling of wastewater

Tapwater has to comply with high quality standards. Often, the technical effort to purify water to drinking water standard is enormous. Especially in regions, where already today the drinking water supply has to be supplemented with desalinated seawater. Therefore, many functions that we use the precious drinking water for are a waste. Flushing a toilet with drinking water, for example, is not necessary and can be avoided.

Therefore, especially in regions, where the provision of drinking water is very expensive, wastewater-recycling bears a great saving potential and technical solutions to reuse wastewater become more and more relevant. Depending on the situation, recycling blackwater or greywater can both be feasible options.

DELPHIN® clean-kit

DELPHIN® clean-kit reliably removes the last remaining suspended solids from previously biologically treated wastewater and defangs pathogens. Through the combination of sand filtration and UV radiation the treated water is safe for non-potable reuse, e.g. for irrigation.

DELPHIN clean-kit

Greywater Recycling

Greywater is the part of domestic wastewater that comes from washbasins and showers. As no flush water from toilets is included, this water is a lot less pathogenic, than usual domestic wastewater (blackwater). Therefore, greywater can easily be treated and recycled for irrigation of green spaces of toilet flushing. The potential for saving drinking water is huge. If a separation system is already in place, the greywater can undergo biological treatment with our well-proven fixed-bed technology. DELPHIN® clean-kit combines sand filtration and UV radiation to produce hygienically safe service water.

Example: The first approved greywater recycling plant in Chile

The first greywater recycling plant to be approved by the Chilean authorities already runs successfully in a Chilean shopping mall since 2013. The handwash water from the public restrooms is collected and treated to be fit for reuse for toilet flushing.

Recycling of blackwater

Not only greywater can be recycled. If a separation of the wastewater sources is not possible, the whole wastewater stream can be recycled as well. For example in Mexico, DELPHIN® clean-kit is often combined with chlorination to enable a safe reuse of domestic wastewater.

Example: DELPHIN® compact CB – The recycling solution in the MENA region

DELPHIN Water Systems has developed a compact wastewater recycling plant especially for the MENA region to recycle the full wastewater stream of family homes for the reuse in the garden. After biological treatment with fixed-bed technology, the wastewater is filtered and disinfected with UV radiation. This plant type with the name DELPHIN® compact CB is produced under license in Saudi Arabia for the local market.

DELPHIN® compact CB

  • full biological wastewater treatment
  • wastewater recycling for irrigation
  • available for homes and neighbourhoods with up to 14 inhabitants
Wastewater recycling plant DELPHIN compact CB

The wastewater recycling plant DELPHIN® compact CB is a system for the decentralized biological treatment of domestic wastewater and its full recovery for irrigation. The clarification of the wastewater is the result of a fully biological purification process by means of a submerged and aerated fixed-bed. In the final step, the treated wastewater is sanitized by UV radiation. For the safe storage of the irrigation water, optional equipment is also available.

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DELPHIN clean-kit 4 for disinfection of up to 2,8 m³/h, installed in Marocco in 2015
DELPHIN clean-box eco 1 for wastewater recycling of up to 4 PE, Saudi Arabia 2015
DELPHIN clean-box 1 for wastewater recycling of up to 4 PE, Mexico 2010
DELPHIN clean-kit 5 for disinfection of up to 5.6 m³/h, installed in DELPHIN container PT20+BF20SC+ST20, Kenya 2013


The experts for fixed-bed technology

DELPHIN Water Systems GmbH & Co. KG in Buxtehude/Germany is one of the leading manufacturers of fully biological wastewater treatment plants with fixed-bed technology. Our business activities include the dimensioning and delivery of pre-assembled small scale WWTP, compact WWTP and WWTP in containers as well as services related to decentralized wastewater treatment, such as installation, maintenance, optimization and operation management.


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