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Delphin Water Systems stands for:

Decentralized Wastewater Treatment with
Well working, low maintenance technology in
Strong tanks.

Clearly one of the best solutions for decentralized wastewater treatment!

You can rely on our efficient treatment technology with submerged and aerated fixed-bed biofilm reactors. Suitable for private households, small towns, agriculture and commerce.

DELPHIN Water Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of biological treatment plants with fixed-bed technology.

Our portfolio ranges from small treatment plants for private households and holiday homes, to compact communal treatment plants for small towns, from solutions for agro business and other commerce to specialized container plants.

Explore the possibilities to treat your wastewater efficiently, economically and sustainably to contribute to the protection and preservation of our natural water bodies.   

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The experts for fixed-bed technology

DELPHIN Water Systems GmbH & Co. KG in Buxtehude/Germany is one of the leading manufacturers of fully biological wastewater treatment plants with fixed-bed technology. Our business activities include the dimensioning and delivery of pre-assembled small scale WWTP, compact WWTP and WWTP in containers as well as services related to decentralized wastewater treatment, such as installation, maintenance, optimization and operation management.


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