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Delphin Water Systems

From engineering office to manufacturer of decentralized wastewater treatment plants...

In 2005, the engineering team at Delphin Umwelttechnik, an engineering firm founded out of the Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg, had the idea of developing and manufacturing their own small wastewater treatment plant based on the experience they had already gained over six years of providing advice and services relating to decentralised wastewater treatment. However, the development and manufacture of the sewage treatment plants was to be carried out by an independent plant construction company. For this purpose, Delphin Water Systems GmbH & Co. KG, based in Buxtehude, was founded in August 2005 and the current managing partner was appointed managing director and technical director.

Due to previous involvement with various treatment technologies and the maintenance of small wastewater treatment plants from various manufacturers, the advantages and disadvantages of the common processes were known. The choice of biological treatment process quickly fell in favour of the fixed-bed technology that had been known for many years, a biofilm process with solid growth bodies submerged in the wastewater, which are supplied with atmospheric oxygen by means of membrane aerators. This process has proven to be extremely stable in the face of fluctuating inflow conditions and can also withstand permanent underload situations without any loss of purification performance.

Once the optimum cleaning process had been selected, a tank had to be designed and manufactured that was suitable for the requirements of the wide range of installation conditions in the subsoil and also ensured ease of maintenance and trouble-free operation of the fixed-bed technology.

After initially manufacturing multi-chamber tanks by hand by welding plastic plates into polyethylene tanks designed for storing rainwater, the company developed today’s DELPHIN® compact tank: an onion-shaped tank containing a central round centre chamber and four outer chambers arranged uniformly around the centre chamber.
The compact tank is manufactured in a single casting using the rotational sintering process and is extremely stable thanks to the partitions that are firmly fused to the outer skin. Thanks to the centre chamber arranged centrally under the tank opening, the DELPHIN® compact systems, despite their compact dimensions, offer a clear arrangement of the process stages, easy access to all chambers and are therefore very easy to maintain. Installation on site and commissioning of the systems, which are completely pre-assembled by us, is carried out cleanly, quickly and safely within a few hours.

To this day, the DELPHIN® compact small wastewater treatment plant is one of our bestsellers and is now exported all over the world and even manufactured under licence in Saudi Arabia for the Arabian market. The variety of applications for our systems has been continuously expanded through intensive co-operation with specialist companies for installation and maintenance.

In addition to the extensive DELPHIN® compact product range in the small wastewater treatment plant sector, two further product lines for stationary or mobile use for up to 1000 people or up to 200 m³/d were developed over the years, which were named DELPHIN® combi and DELPHIN® container.

Due to the growth of the company and the increasing amount of space required for the assembly of the systems, Delphin Water Systems had to relocate several times until the decision was made to invest in its own production hall including office, which was occupied in summer 2017 and heralded a new phase in the positive development of the company. The new and modernly equipped site offers sufficient production and storage space as well as expansion opportunities for further growth through innovative treatment concepts, e.g. for the treatment of contaminated rainwater from silos at biogas plants and other open storage sites for organic residues and recyclable materials.

Since 2021, the polyethylene containers for the assembly of the wastewater treatment technology have even been manufactured at the company’s own site using a rotary sintering plant built specifically for this purpose. This means that Delphin Water Systems’ wastewater treatment plants are produced entirely under one roof and are subject to seamless quality control from the receipt of the polyethylene powder to the assembly of the equipment parts and the mechanical equipment in the self-manufactured containers to the testing of the ready-to-use systems with rainwater, which is collected at the company’s own site, purified and used as process water in the production process, as irrigation water for the green areas and as toilet flushing water.
Due to climate change and the resulting reduction in the availability of clean water for the irrigation of green spaces, the topic of water recovery from wastewater is attracting more and more attention.

The DELPHIN® brand stands for innovative purification technology that ensures the long-term availability of clean water at any location with minimal installation, operation and maintenance costs.

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July 2005
  • Foundation of Delphin Water Systems GmbH & Co. KG in Buxtehude, start of development of the small WWTP DELPHIN® compact
  • Project based production of mobile treatment plants in containers.
  • Production at the registered company adress in Buxtehude
  • Administration and engineering in Hamburg-Harburg
July 2005
  • Transfer of seat of business to Hamburg and joining of production and administration at the new HQ in Hamburg-Stellingen
  • Start of serial production of DELPHIN® compact
  • and systematic distribution in Germany
  • Move to bigger production facilities in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg
  • Start of the systematic distribution of DELPHIN® compact in France
  • More and more demand from abroad
  • Start of the cooperation with our Saudi partner and licensing of DELPHIN® compact for the Saudi Arabian market
  • Beginning of construction of the new production and administration facility in Ovelgönne/Buxtehude and transfer of seat of company to Buxtehude in Juli 2017
  • Start of production of DELPHIN® compact in Saudi Arabia
  • Start of production of the evolution of the DELPHIN® combi series in a newly developped cubic tank => DELPHIN® cube