The tanks of DELPHIN® wastewater treatment plants are built from high quality, rod resistant polyethylene. In order to ensure the virtually indefinite life span of the material, professional handling and installation underground or aboveground is mandatory.

For the construction of our tanks, we count on mondern 3D construction softwasre with finite element method (FEM) in combination with years of experience in the field. In consequence, DELPHIN® tanks are extremely robust and unparaleled in the field of wastewater treatment. On the test field, they proofed their stability even in deep pits and high groundwater levels.

According to European norm, a volume reduction of 20% is admissable for underground tanks. We believe that is too much. Therefore, we developped tanks with less volume reduction even under extreme circumstances. The proven maximum volume reduction at maximum load of our DELPHIN® compact tank of only 5.2% ensures the long term functionality of all installed equipment and the sludge storage volume.

Get the best from DELPHIN wastewater treatment plant by consulting us or one of our trained partners. They will examine the soil on the site and offer exactly the right accessories and backfill material for the correct installation, so that your treatment plant will stay water tight even after centuries.

Please use our contact form to ask for our service. We are happy to consult with you directly or connect you with one of our local partners in your country.

If you already work with a construcion company, we are happy to colaborate and share the information that is necessary to make your project a success. Optionally, one of our project engineers can suprivse the installation and train the responsible staff on site. 

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Don’t leave anything to chance and count on our years of experience as producer of wastewater treatment systems. Our qualified and experienced employees offer you first class maintenance service especially for decentralized plants. Our team consists of trained specialists for wastewater treatment technology and environmental engineers.

We can conduct wastewater analysis in our service vehicle and in our lab. That way, the status quo is analysed quickly and we can optimize the process (e.g. for energy saving) immediately.

Our range of analysis consists of all parameters that are important for the dimensioning of a wastewater treatment plant, as for example:

  • COD (Chemical oxygen demand)
  • BOD5 (Biochemical oxygen demand)
  • NH4-N (Ammonium)
  • NO3-N (Nitrate)
  • NO2-N (Nitrite)
  • TN (Total nitrogen)
  • TP (Total phosphate)
  • pH
  • Conductivity
  • Transmissivity

In special cases, we can also analyse further parameters that are necessary to examine the quality of the used dinkingwater, as for example:

  • Fe (Iron)
  • Mn (Manganese)
  • Cl (Chlorine)
  • Carbonate hardness

As producers we always have a large amount of the most prevalent spare parts not only for our products on stock to be able to provide rapid service.

Call  +49 (0)4161 66 921 0 or or send us an emailnow to get an offer for maintenance. We’ll get back to you.

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Operation and optimization

Do you experience hurdles in the operation of your existing wastewtater treatment plant? Would you like to outsource the operation of your decentralized plant to experts, so you have time for more important things? Our team of qualified experts is on your side!

In our mobile lab, we can easily analyse operational problems on side. Afterwards, our team of technicians and engineers will identify possible adaptations to the operation or the process of your plant that either you or our team can then implement.

We also find potential for optimization of existing plants. During a visit directly on site, we examine the current state of the plant and analyse the important wastewater parameters. With this information we compose a plan of possible optimization. The implementation of the proposed changes can be done either by you or by our service technicians. 

For the new construction or retrofitting of existing plants, we detect the status of the site and the wastewater, dimension and conceptualize a treatment solution and deliver the necessary components. Of course, we guarantee the compliance with the obliged limit values in the effluent. If you decide to engage us with long-termn manufacturer maintenance, we can grand even longer guaranty periods.

For the complete operation of your decentralized plant, our maintenance and service team is available for you. On demand we can install remote monitoring systems so that the current status of your plant is sent directly to our experts.

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