Small scale WWTP

Small wastewater treatment plants of the series DELPHIN® compact

The DELPHIN® compact is a fully biological small scale wastewater treatment plant for the treatment of domestic sewage with the fixed-bed process. The submerged and aerated fixed-bed provides ideal conditions for a stable biological process even during under load or heavy load variations, which are typcial for small households and holiday homes.

Small scale wastewater treatment plant DELPHIN compact

Quality for your home - Guaranteed

Only the highest quality equipments and materials are used in our small scale treatment plants. All components that come into contact with the wastewater are either made of stainless steel or high-quality plastics.

All the treatment plants we manufacture must meet the highest quality standards before leaving our factory. Because the conditions during installation and a regular maintenance are also crucial for smooth operation and a long service life, we regularly offer training and seminars for the employees of the relevant specialist companies, during which we provide system-specific knowledge and practical experience. For this reason, we offer an extended guarantee period for our DELPHIN® small scale treatment systems, which are installed and maintained by these trained and certified specialist companies. We guarantee the soundness of our products and the quality of the materials we use!

No more trouble with under load thanks to the fixed-bed

The process of submerged and aerated fixed-bed guarantees a permanent stable wastewater treatment, which is comparable to the self-cleaning of a creek. The fixed-bed coating with bacteria assures continously low effluent parameters even during varying load situations - thus even under load phases do not affect the treatment performance of the plant.

How does a DELPHIN® small scale WWTP work? Our video will explain it to you.

Interior of a DELPHIN compact wastewater treatment plant

A unique tank

This unique compact tank from DELPHIN Water Systems forms the basis for a durable small scale WWTP for generations.

All tanks are made of high-quality polyethylene (PE) and are produced by the rotomoulding process. The results are seamless, monolithic tanks with low residual stresses, which are characterized by high stability, resistance to rotting and a permanent impenetrable nature.

Up to 5 chambers, one round middle chamber and 4 outer chambers ensure, that all process steps of the fully biological small scale WWTP find place inside only one tank. Different to SBR treatment plants the DELPHIN® compact can be operated by gravity flow without need for pumps.

No mechanical parts in wastewater

In all of our wastewater treatment systems up to a size of 50 PE, e.g. the series DELPHIN® compact, no centrifugal pumps or other mechanical conveying devices are used for conveying the secondary sludge, but airlift devices. Thus, there are no electrical components or moving parts in the wastewater, which on the one hand increases operational stability and, on the other hand, significantly reduces the maintenance effort, since a regular replacement of wearing parts is no longer necessary.

Uncomplicated during installation

DELPHIN® small scale WWTP are largely pre-assembled in our factory and thus delivered almost ready for connection. The comparatively low weight of the individual system modules allows transport and installation without the use of heavy equipment. After the completion of the required earthwork, only operations such as connecting the supply and drainpipes, the air ducts and the electrical installation remain - these are made quickly and rarely take longer than one day for the smaller plant versions.

That's all what you need for the installation of a DELPHIN® compact:

These materials are needed to install a DELPHIN compact wastewater treatment plant

The WWTP for all case

Thanks to a wide diversity of plant variants and an extensive range of accessories, our small scale treatment systems can be flexibly adapted to the needs of their operators on site. Here, the possibilities range from an extension of the possible installation depth, the raising of the drain level by means of an airlift device or the use of easy to install infiltration systems to the separate installation of the blower and control unit on a wall bracket or in an external control cabinet - just to name a few examples.

Further information on the available accessories can be found in our brochure for the DELPHIN® compact wastewater treatment plant.

Technical approvals

Naturally, all available treatment plants of the DELPHIN® compact series are technically approved by the Deutsches Institut für Bautechnik, Berlin (DIBt). A separate approval exists for each of the treatment classes C, N and D.

Brochures for download

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The experts for fixed-bed technology

DELPHIN Water Systems GmbH & Co. KG in Buxtehude/Germany is one of the leading manufacturers of fully biological wastewater treatment plants with fixed-bed technology. Our business activities include the dimensioning and delivery of pre-assembled small scale WWTP, compact WWTP and WWTP in containers as well as services related to decentralized wastewater treatment, such as installation, maintenance, optimization and operation management.


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