Container WWTP

Mobile wastewater treatment plants for remote locations

The DELPHIN® container wastewater treatment plants are fully pre-assembled systems for the biological purification of domestic wastewater or wastewater of similar composition. The connection size and the technical equipment of the plants are adjusted to the specific needs of our customers by our engineering department.

DELPHIN® container WWTP
  • completely pre-assembled WWTP
  • mobile use in different places
  • individual dimensioning
  • purchase and leasing contracts possible
  • extensive service

Fields of application

  • Worker camps of the mining and oil exploration industry
  • Construction sites
  • Refugee camps and disaster operation
  • Research stations
  • Permafrost regions, deserts and other locations with extreme climate

The basic concept of our containerized treatment plants in the ready-to-operate installation of the plant inside the ISO container, to allow the fastest possible installation on site. Plants in one or several 20 and 40 foot ISO containers are available - also in insulated construction with additional heating for arctic regions or ventilated and chilled for hot areas.

The internal tanks of the container plants are manufactured entirely out of wastewater-resistant PE plastic. Beside the simple transport of the plant to any place in the world, the ISO container also serves to protect the internal self-supporting tanks and technical installations against external influences. Therefore, even the most challenging conditions do not affect the service life of the plant. This ensures repeated fast installation - year in, year out.

Easy to transport

Due to the worldwide harmonized ISO standard for sea containers, our mobile treatment plants can be moved and transported with all carriers which are able to handle sea containers.


Easy to set up

Our systems are completely pre-fabricated in our production facility in Buxtehude. After intense testing the plants are packed for road and/or sea transport. Fast coupling systems and the supplied perfectly fitting installation material like pipes, hoses and cables allow a fast setup and immediate service after positioning the container at their place of operation. Plug-and-play!


Easy to operate

The fixed-bed process and the chosen robust technical equipment allow an easy operation without demand for specialized operation staff. A basic training in our facility in Hamburg prior to delivery or during set-up on site in coordination with our detailed manuals allows even non-wastewater experienced technicians to operate and maintain our systems.


Clean water for your environment

No matter if you want to avoid pollution of your environment or benefit from treated water for irrigation or service water - DELPHIN® container treatment plants are tailor made solutions for your project and fulfill highest environmental requirements.

It's what's inside that counts!

Below you'll find an explanation of the different modules and treatment stages using the example of a mobile wastewater treatment plant DELPHIN® container BF250 with extended sludge treatment stage.

Figure: Mobile wastewater treatment plant DELPHIN container BF250 with extended sludge treatment.

Modules: DELPHIN® container PT20 - DELPHIN® container BF20ST - DELPHIN® container ST20

Primary treatment

Figure: Primary treatment stage DELPHIN container PT20.

The primary treatment stage consists of an automatic screen followed by a settlement tank in plants for up to 500 PE or by a drum filter in plants above 500 PE.

  • Safe removal of solids
  • Hygienic discharge of dewatered and compacted screenings

Biological stage

Figure: Biological stage + secondary clarifier DELPHIN container BF20SC.

The biological stage consists of the submerged and aerated fixed-bed with a flexible aeration hose system for oxygen entry.

  • Stable treatment performance also under varying inlet conditions
  • Easy exchangeable aeration hose via pull-out system without interruption of operation

Secondary clarifier

Figure: Biological stage + secondary clarifier DELPHIN container BF20SC.

The secondary clarifier contains a lamella separator and a hopper base for settlement and removal of excess biomass from the biological stage.

  • Low suspended solids content (below 25 mg/l) in the outlet without filtration
  • Homogenized outlet rate by gravity flow through the entire plant

Sludge treatment

Figure: Sludge treatment stage DELPHIN container ST20.

The sludge treatment stage receives the settled sludge from the primary treatment and the secondary clarifier. The sludge is stabilized by oxygenation.

  • Reduction of odors and fouling processes by aeration
  • Possibility of easy sludge dewatering with optional filter bag system 

Tertiary treatment

Figure: Tertiary treatment stage of a mobile wastewater treatment plant DELPHIN container BF250.

By an optional tertiary treatment with filtration, UV treatment and/or a phosphate adsorber system a higher effluent quality is achieved.

  • Reuse of treated water in irrigation systems
  • Safe phosphate removal without chemical precipitation

Overview of DELPHIN® container WWTP standard sizes


DELPHIN® container


Container modules


BF Q/120/C


1 x 40'

12,20 x 2,45 m

BF Q/250/C


1 x 40'

1 x 10'

16,20 x 2,45 m

BF Q/500/C


2 x 40'

1 x 10'

16,20 x 5,90 m

BF Q/750/C


3 x 40'

12,20 x 9,35 m

BF Q/1000/C


3 x 40'

1 x 20'

12,20 x 12,80 m

BF Q/2000/C


6 x 40'

1 x 20'

46,00 x 5,90 m

BF Q/3000/C


9 x 40'

1 x 20'

46,00 x 9,35 m

BF Q/4000/C


13 x 40'

38,00 x 16,25 m

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Treatment plant for sanitary facilities of an oil drilling camp in Russia (DELPHIN container XL2).
Internal lift station of a treatment plant device DELPHIN container PT20 PS.
Curved screen and lift station (DELPHIN container XXL DIS-1).
Bag filters (DELPHIN container PT20 PS).
Control board (DELPHIN container XXL DIS-2).
Entrance and outlet for disinfected water (DELPHIN container XXL DIS-2).
Automatic screen and control board (DELPHIN container PT20 PS).
Compressor, collecting tank and feeding pump (DELPHIN container BF20 SC).
Compressors and sludge pumps (DELPHIN container BF20 SC).


The experts for fixed-bed technology

DELPHIN Water Systems GmbH & Co. KG in Buxtehude/Germany is one of the leading manufacturers of fully biological wastewater treatment plants with fixed-bed technology. Our business activities include the dimensioning and delivery of pre-assembled small scale WWTP, compact WWTP and WWTP in containers as well as services related to decentralized wastewater treatment, such as installation, maintenance, optimization and operation management.


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